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Acer is a Taiwan-based multinational computer technology and electronics corporation headquarter in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Acer manufactures desktop and laptop PCs, personal digital assistants (PDAs), servers, storage devices, LCD displays, smartphones and peripherals.  Acer has shifted its business model from being a manufacturer to a pure brand company that markets and distributes its products, while leaving the actual production process in the hands of contract manufacturers in early 2000.

Acer was founded by Stan Shih, his wife Carolyn Yeh, and a group of five others with eleven employees and US$25,000 in capital in 1976. In 2009, Acer’s total revenue was almost US$18 billion.

Acer Warranty period starts on the date of purchase. Acer is not responsible for Damage or loss of any programs, data or removable storage media. The customer is responsible for saving (backing up) any programs, data or removable storage media. The customer is advised to backup essential programs and data before allowing or sending Acer computer / product for service.


Problems that DO cover under Acer standard warranty

  • Problem caused by defects in materials under normal use
  • Problems caused by defects in workmanship under normal use


Problems that DO NOT cover under Acer standard warranty

  • The Product is damaged due to transportation, fall, weather, extreme temperatures, shock, improper use, physical damage, mishandling or negligence
  • The Product is damaged as a result of natural disaster or acts of God, e.g. fire, flood, lightning.
  • The Product is damaged as a result of connection to irregular voltage sources.
  • The Product is installed, maintained, operated or use other than in accordance with the instructions provided by Acer in relation to the Product.
  • The Product is altered, modified and repaired by a party not authorized by Acer.
  • The Product is not purchased from Acer or through Acer’s authorized distributors and resellers.
  • The customer cannot provide the sales receipt or purchase invoice.
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Virus problem
  • Windows problem


What CPU IT consultant can do for your Acer laptop or desktop

  • Remove virus ,spyware , adware , malware, popup , rootkit on Acer computer
  • Repair or reinstall windows operating system on Acer desktop or laptop /notebook
  • Upgrade Microsoft operating system in Acer pc – XP, vista , windows 7
  • Upgrade motherboard, processor , hard drive , memory / ram , CD / DVD drive on Acer laptop or desktop
  • Keyboard replacement on Acer laptop , notebook or netbook
  • DC jack / power pin / power jack replace or repair
  • LCD screen replace or repair on Acer computer
  • Power supply replacement on Acer desktop
  • Tune up on Acer computer
  • Onsite and off-site “cloud “ backup
  • Data recovery
  • And so much more ………………………

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