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Hewlett-Packard (commonly known as HP) Company is an American multinational information technology corporation headquartered in Palo AltoCalifornia, USA. HP specializes in developing and manufacturing personal computers, servers, data storage, and networking hardware, printers, imaging devices, designing software and delivering services.


The company was founded in 1939 in Dave Packard’s one-car garage in Palo Alto California by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard with an initial  investment of US$538, and is now one of the world’s largest information technology companies  with total revenue of $126 billion in 2010.


HP warranties are either one year or three years in length. However, the nature of the warranty provided within that period will also vary by product. Your HP warranty begins from the date you purchased the product not when the product was made. Responsibility for the software and data you have added to your computer rests with the owner of the product. HP is note responsible for damage to or loss of data or programs. Not every problem you have with your HP desktop or laptop computer cover under HP warranty


Problems that DO cover under HP warranty

  • Defects in the manufacturer’s material
  • Defects in the manufacturer’s workmanship

Problems that DO NOT cover under HP warranty

  • Accidental / physical damage—misuse , abuse, spill, contamination, improper or inadequate maintenance
  • Loss of the computer
  • Acts of nature
  • Problems caused by an unsupported or third-party component or software
  • Problem caused by opening a sealed component or sealed product without HP authorization
  • Loss or damage in transit
  • Modification not authorize by HP
  • Virus infection
  • Windows problems


What CPU IT Consulting can do for your HP desktop, Laptop / notebook & Server

  • Virus , spyware , pop-up, adware , maleware , rootkit removal
  • Windows 2000, XP , vista & 7 install / reinstall / repair
  • Microsoft windows operating system upgrade
  • Fix blue screen or black screen of death
  • Motherboard or system board , hard drive , memory  or ram , cd / dvd drive upgrade
  • LCD screen replacement or repair on hp notebook
  • Power pin / DC jack / power jack replace or repair on hp laptop / notebook
  • Broken and loose hinghes fix on hp notebook / laptop
  • Keyboard replacement or repair on hp laptop
  • Data backup
  • Documents ,picture, music, email, favorites backup before sending hp laptop or desktop to HP for warranty service

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