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Laptop repair / Notebook repair / Netbook Repair

Computers Parts & Upgrades (CPU) LLC has been fixing laptop since 1995. You can come to our stores or we can come to your home,home office or business location. we have 8 microsoft certified , compTIA A+ certified techs in 4 different locations in Georgia (GA) who repair laptop,notebook,netbook all day long. we can fix any laptop,any laptop component, any brand ,any make, any model , new or old. If we can’t fix a laptop then its either not cost-efficient or not fixable period.



Laptop, Notebook & Netbook Support at CPU ——Program / Software Problem

  1. Software problems troubleshooting in Marietta GA
  2. Software installations , reinstallations or reload in Douglasville GA
  3. Periodic software services and maintenance in Dallas GA
  4. Software updates and upgrades in Hiram GA
  5. Software repairs and troubleshooting in Villa Rica GA
  6. Software backup and software information retrieval in Woodstock GA

Laptop ,Notebook & Netbook Support at CPU —— Overheating, Premature Shutdown

  1. Overheating repairs and cleaning in Acworth GA
  2. Unexpected shuts down troubleshooting in Kennesaw GA
  3. Internal cleaning and maintenance in Mableton GA
  4. Fan repairs and replacement in Powder Springs GA
  5. cpu / processor fan cleaning in Austell GA
  6. Thermal grease /heatsink paste replacement in Smyrna GA
  7. Heatpipe replacement in Vinings GA

Laptop ,Notebook & Netbook Support at CPU -Water,Coffee,Soft Drink and other Liquid Damage

  1. water damaged repairs in Avondale Estates GA
  2. liquid damaged services in Chamblee GA
  3. liquid damaged diagnostics in Decatur GA
  4. liquid damage data recovery in Doraville GA
  5. liquid damage drying and repairs in Dunwoody GA

Laptop ,Notebook & Netbook Support at CPU -Drivers (sound,video,LAN,wireless,modem,chipset) &Driver Support

  1. driver installations in Stone Mountain GA
  2. driver reinstallation in Douglasville GA
  3. driver backup and restore in Alpharetta GA
  4. driver maintenance in Atlanta GA
  5. drivers updates and upgrades in College Park GA
  6. driver conflicts removal in East Point GA
  7. driver searching and retrieval in Roswell GA
  8. driver system resource conflicts removal in Sandy Springs GA

Laptop ,Notebook & Netbook Support at CPU – Operating Systems: Windows XP/VISTA/7, Apple Mac OS, Linux

  1. operating systems troubleshooting in Hiram GA
  2. Microsoft Windows 98, Me, Windows XP, Vista,7 Services and Maintenance in Union City GA
  3. Windows NT, 2000, Server 2003,Server 2008 Services and Maintenance in Lawrenceville GA
  4. Reinstallations and Recovery of Windows operating systems (xp,vista,7) in Norcross GA
  5. Laptop operating system updates and upgrades in Dallas GA
  6. blue screen of death (BSoD) and Black Screen of Death ( BlSoD)repair in Hiram GA
  7. MAC OSX operating systems installations and maintenance in Marietta GA
  8. Linux operating systems installations,maintenance and updates in Atlanta GA
  9. Installation of dual operating systems on Intel Mac laptop in Douglasville GA
  10. Installing Boot Camp, Parallels and VM Fusion on Apple Macs laptop in Dallas GA
  11. crushed operating system data recovery in Marietta GA
  12. “access denied” data recovery in Atlanta GA
  13. “NTDLR missing” data restore in Villa Rica GA
  14. Encoding and decoding of encrypted operating system files in Carrollton GA
  15. Maintenance, repairs and reinstallations of Windows OS
  16. Maintenance, repairs and reinstallations of Linux OS
  17. Maintenance, repairs and reinstallations of Mac OSX
  18. Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, 10.4 Tiger, 10.3 Panther and Mac OS 9 maintenance and repairs
  19. Operating system reinstallations without loosing data (picture,music,resume,email,favorites)
  20. Operating system reinstallations with data and settings recovery
  21. Legalization, certification, authentication or activation of operating systems
  22. Windows serial number or product key changing and activation
  23. Windows operating systems product key recovery in Hiram GA
  24. Operating systems adjusting, acceleration and speed up in Marietta GA
  25. Windows and Mac OSX Operating systems optimization in Dallas GA
  26. Operating systems diagnostics and periodic maintenance in Douglasville GA
  27. Windows and Mac OSX tuning and acceleration in Atlanta GA
  28. Operating system bootup error fix in Marietta GA
  29. Slow operating system bootup fixing in Roswell GA
  30. operating system never gets to desktop problem fixing

Laptop ,Notebook & Netbook Support at CPU —-Viruses, Spyware, Trojans, Adware, Malware Removal –Internet Security

  1. virus removal, spyware removal,malware removal, trojan removal in Marietta GA
  2. adware removal,pop-up removal, threats removal in Douglasville GA
  3. internet security check and maintenance in Atlanta GA
  4. internet safety and network security advice
  5. reduce identity theft online
  6. antivirus and antispyware software installations
  7. antivirus and antispyware software updateing
  8. installing firewalls (software and hardware) and internet protection software
  9. installation of spam filter
  10. browser redirecting cause by virus spyware fix
  11. installation and configuration of internet security software
  12. internet security consultation and advice
  13. virus, spyware failure recovery
  14. not going online even when its says connected problem fix
  15. DHCP server problem cause by virus problem fix

Laptop ,Notebook & Netbook Support at CPU —-Email, Electronic Mail, Spam

  1. installation and configuration of email software , email clients
  2. installation and configuration of email accounts
  3. installation and configuration of email servers
  4. antispam filters and antispam software installation and configuration
  5. antivirus and eMail internet security installations
  6. email and antispam advice and consultation
  7. email recovery and email settings recovery
  8. email transfers and reconfiguration
  9. outlook email recovery
  10. outlook email setup
  11. not receiving or sending outlook email problem fix

Laptop ,Notebook & Netbook Support at CPU —-Data Backup ,Data Safety

  1. backup advice and consultation Georgia (GA)
  2. software backup installation, configuration, maintenance
  3. hardware backup installation, configuration, maintenance
  4. online backup – installation, configuration and maintenance
  5. online “cloud” backup setup
  6. On-site backup setup
  7. backup restore and backup recovery support
  8. system mirroring – ghosting hard drive
  9. backup restoration and transfers between computers

Laptop ,Notebook & Netbook Support at CPU —- Data Recovery , Data Retrieval

  1. laptop, notebook & netbook data recovery
  2. portable computer data recovery and retrieval
  3. private documents recovery and retrieval
  4. private folders recovery and retrieval
  5. documents and settings recovery and restore
  6. crushed hard disks and drives data recovery
  7. memory cards data recovery
  8. program files and settings recovery
  9. laptop and notebook settings recovery
  10. make this folder private data recovery
  11. recovery of system files and folders
  12. email recovery
  13. encrypted files recovery and encoding
  14. data recovery of encrypted files and folders
  15. repairing operating system without loosing your picture,music,email,favorites
  16. system reinstall without data loss
  17. data backup then operating system reinstalling
  18. email data recovery and retrieval
  19. data restore and retrieval

Laptop ,Notebook & Netbook Support at CPU —-Data Transfer, File Transfer, Settings Transfer

  1. data transfer computer to server
  2. data and settings transfer between computers
  3. data transfer between laptops and desktop
  4. online data and settings transfer
  5. online in the cloud data backup
  6. data and settings synchronization
  7. wireless data transfer and synchronization
  8. internet secure data transfer (FTP, VPN and others)

Laptop ,Notebook & Netbook Support at CPU —-Password Reset, Password Recovery, Password Retrieval,Password Removal

  1. forgotten password recovery
  2. forgotten password reset
  3. create new username and password
  4. Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 2003 password reset and recovery
  5. Wifi – Wireless network password recovery and reset
  6. SSID password recovery
  7. router password recovery and reset
  8. MAC OSX Tiger and Leopard admin password reset and recovery
  9. Windows admin password recovery and reset
  10. Windows XP, Vista user password recovery and reset
  11. software and program lost passwords recovery and reset
  12. resetting files password, resetting forgotten password
  13. notebook,laptop & netbook password reset and recovery
  14. bios password reset and recovery

Laptop ,Notebook & Netbook Support at CPU —-Cable Networks, Lan – Ethernet

  1. cable networks – lan installation and configuration
  2. cable networks maintenance and repairs
  3. DSL networks maintenance and repair
  4. dial-up network setup and repair
  5. router, hubs, switches configuration and maintenance
  6. cable router installation and repairs
  7. cable modems installations and maintenance
  8. cable networks advice and consultation
  9. internet sharing over cable network
  10. home or home office network setup
  11. small business network design and setup
  12. midsize and large corporation network design and consulting
  13. printer sharing configuration over the lan network
  14. print server setup

Laptop ,Notebook & Netbook Support at CPU —-Wireless Networks, WiFi, Wlan, Access Points

  1. setup wireless router
  2. secure wireless router with password
  3. setup security for an unsecured router
  4. recover forgotten wireless password
  5. recover router password
  6. wifi, wireless, wlan networks installation and maintenance
  7. wifi – wireless networks configuration and repairs
  8. WEP, WPA, WPA2 security setup for Router
  9. wireless, wifi networks auditing, consultation and advice
  10. wireless internet sharing
  11. files and printer sharing over the wireless network
  12. wireless printer configuration and sharing
  13. laptop and notebook wireless – wifi configuration
  14. wireless password resetting and recovery for the router ,gateway

Laptop ,Notebook & Netbook Support at CPU —-General Laptop Repairs , Notebook Repairs and Maintenance

  1. laptop power socket repair and replacement
  2. power button repair
  3. power dc jack or power pin repair and replacement
  4. cracked screen replacement
  5. laptop wide screen replacement and repairs
  6. notebook dark screen repair and services
  7. back light repair and replacement
  8. laptop lcd screen replacement and repair
  9. lcd cable repair or replacement
  10. notebook keyboard repairs and replacement
  11. notebook key repair
  12. laptop motherboard repairs and replacement
  13. notebook motherboard resoldering and repairs
  14. laptop and notebook maintenance and checkups
  15. usb ports repairs and replacement
  16. jack, headphone, microphone ports replacement and repairs
  17. laptop cdrw, cd, dvd, dvdrw, blue ray replacement
  18. notebook hard drive replacement
  19. notebook hard drive bad sector repair
  20. laptop graphics repairs and maintenance
  21. notebook graphic card repairs and services
  22. laptop parts repairs and replacement
  23. laptops cleaning – internal and external
  24. laptop hinges repair or replacement
  25. laptop webcam problem fix
  26. laptop touchpad repair or replacement
  27. top cover and front bezel replacement
  28. laptop battery problem fix
  29. laptop battery connector fix
  30. laptop cmos problem fix

Laptop ,Notebook & Netbook Support at CPU —–Computer Hardware and Equipment Services

  1. printers, copiers and faxes installation and configuration
  2. wireless printers installation and configuration
  3. network printers installation and configuration
  4. computer hardware and equipment installation and maintenance
  5. electronic home equipment installations and configuration
  6. speaker and subwoofer setup for laptop
  7. power surge and battery backup setup for laptop
  8. laptop card reader repair
  9. laptop hard drive upgrade
  10. laptop memory upgrade
  11. laptop motherboard upgrade
  12. laptop dvd rw upgrade

Laptop ,Notebook & Netbook Support at CPU —- Free Recycling, PC & MAC Recycling

  1. free laptops recycling
  2. free old computer drop off
  3. notebook recycling
  4. PC and Apple Mac recycling
  5. free laptops and notebooks disposal
  6. notebook data erasure
  7. laptop data wipeout
  8. apple mac recycling

A full list of computer repair,Server repair,Mac repair,IT services in Georgia (GA)