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NO GAMES – NO GIMMICKS – NO SURPRISE. All our service prices are up-front and flat rate. Flat rate pricing always helps our clients and it’s a peace of mind for our clients. Our business principle listed below

  • Flat Rate up-front pricing
  • No hidden cost
  • No surprise
  • Quick turn around
  • We stand behind our work
  • Our service prices are 25% to 75% cheaper than the Geeks


  • Smaller computer store employ better knowledgeable IT technician than the big national chain
  • Small computer repair store has low overhead than big chain
  • Small computer service shop has small marketing budget than big national chain
  • Quicker turn around on repair on smaller pc store than big chain
  • More personalized service in smaller pc repair store than big store
  • Bottom line , it’s always cheaper in smaller pc / IT repair store than your big “GEEKS”


Do not fall for somebody is doing a free diagnosis on your computer. My number one rule is “Nothing in this world is free” .On free diagnosis they will not test any of your hardware, they will just skim through your computer for couple of minutes and give you an educated guess. Fail hardware will cost you more money and nightmare for you down the road. Complete through diagnosis usually takes hours sometimes even days.

Slow computer does not always mean virus problems. It could be any of the above problems especially bad hard drive. The mechanical hard drive is failing in a rapid rate in the last few years. We can save precious documents before the hard drive fails completely.

The best part is our initial diagnosis fee goes towards your repair.


We will perform the following services with every computer diagnosis

  • We will stress test your hard drive
  • We will run diagnostics on memory
  • We will test your power supply
  • We will closely examine your motherboard for burn and pop capacitor
  • We will check your video card
  • We will determine operating system problem
  • We will determine virus spyware problem
  • We will suggest proper computer upgrade
  • We will determine your preventive maintenance
  • Finally we will suggest you options to go forward
  • One month warranty on diagnosis



Want to install a 2nd hard drive for storage ? need a new CD / DVD burner ? Need to install sound card ? want to replace power supply ? Want a good looking case ? Want to install wireless card ? like to have a gigabyte NIC card ? Want to install your magic jack ? THEN we can help.


Doing small system upgrade and maintenance is cheaper in the long run than fixing everything at the same time. We can do small upgrade for any budget. We can setup and configure your device / hardware even if you buy the hardware from somebody else.

We will provide the following services with every hardware install

  • Professionally setup and configure your device.
  • Install the latest driver for your device if necessary.
  • We will check for any hardware resource conflict
  • We will install appropriate software to get your new device working
  • We will test your newly installed hardware
  • One month warranty on hardware install




Got a new computer but don’t know how to transfer your old documents to new computer? Don’t know how to transfer your outlook or outlook express email and contact to new computer? Want to format your hard drive but don’t know how to save your documents first? Your hard drive starts making weird noises? Got virus in your computer? You don’t want to lose your important documents, music, picture, favorites, and email?

You just want a peace of mind? THEN you need backup.

If you send your desktop or laptop to computer manufacturer they will wipe your hard drive clean or give you another hard drive. If you perform system restore in your computer, it will erase your precious documents. We can help and give you the peace of mind by backing up your documents, pictures, music, bookmarks, email, contact, word /excel/ PowerPoint/publisher created documents

We will perform the following services with every data backup

  • Data transfer to a new computer or other media like external hard drive or dvd
  • Setup an external hard drive if necessary
  • Installation and configuration of online “cloud “ data backup
  • We will scan your data for virus
  • One month warranty on data / documents backup


We will copy / backup up to 4.5 GB of documents which cover 90% the computer out there to your new computer or dvd for initial $69. . Each additional gigabyte (GB) is $1




PC slow? Getting pop-ups or errors? Unable to launch programs? Can not go online? Website redirects to different page? Computer shut down? Strange program claiming you have hundreds of viruses? Program asking for credit card information? Blue screen? Browser (internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, chrome, etc ) does not launch ? THEN you have virus problem.
Sometimes when a virus has severely damaged your operating system, it is recommended to reinstall the operating system. If the operating system has to be reinstalled then we will give you a call first to see if any data has to be backed up. Programs can not be backed up but we can back up program data and personal data like my documents, my pictures, my music, my video, email contacts, favorites, etc upon request. Additional service charge will be applied for data backup. We will tell you the exact amount of the repair before any repair is done.

We are 25% – 70% cheaper than big national store for the same service

we will perform the following services with every virus spyware removal

  • Remove all viruses, spyware, malware, pop-up and rootkits on the computer
  • Removal of fake / rouge anti-virus and anti-spyware
  • Remove Unnecessary Program from Startups
  • Apply system tweaks to speed up overall performance
  • Clean clogged up CPU / processor and power supply fan.
  • Remove Internet Temporary Files where some viruses hide for later attack
  • Download and Install free anti virus and anti spyware software (no extra charge)
  • Install critical operating system updates
  • One month warranty on any virus, spyware , rootkit , pop-up removal



Computer does not boot to desktop? Blue screen on computer? System file is missing? Message about NTDLR missing? Computer boot and reboot? Run / perform extremely slow? Takes long time (more than 3 minutes) to boot up? Black screen ? making noise inside the computer or on the hard drive ? THEN you might have windows problem or hard drive problem.

Virus sometimes causes extensive system or registry damage . some cases it is recommended to reformat / restore the computer. If you have not keep up with regular maintenance throughout the year, it is recommended to reload / reformat the computer once a year for optimal performance. We can reload your computer without any junk trialware that most computer manufacturer (dell, hp, acer, emachines, sony , gateway) put in your computer which makes it even faster than before.


We will perform the following services with every windows reinstall / repair / reload

  • Reinstall or repair your windows without any junk trial software
  • We will install the latest service pack for your operating system
  • We will install all the critical system updates
  • We will install the most updated driver for your hardware
  • Free Antivirus Program Installation & their updates
  • We will install any necessary for your operation.
  • We will test all other hardware like ram, video card , motherboard etc. in your computer
  • Clean your processor fan
  • We will clean your LCD on your laptop
  • One month warranty on any windows operating system install / reinstall / repair




Sometimes windows have to be repaired first before we can perform virus spyware removal. This process take twice much longer. We perform all the services for windows repair and virus removal. Doing both services makes your computer even faster. Instead of charging you ($98 +$98) = $196 for both operations , we will only charge you $129 which is a 65% discount.

  • One month warranty on windows repair and virus removal




Got headache trying to set up your Router ? been with customer service for hours ? Don’t to where to plug it in ? Don’t know how to password protect your Router ? Don’t know what type to encryption to use ? Don’t know what port to use on your router ?Can not go online ? Not all computers in your home goes online ? Your computer loose connection to internet ? THEN you need professional IT help .


Most people leave their router administrative (not wireless ) password as default which is a big mistake. The default username and password is same for all the router made by the same company. Example , all old LINKSYS router’s default username: none , password : admin . new LINKSYS router’s both default username and password is : admin . Sometimes your older laptop will not work with newer encryption. Give us a call, we will take your headache way.

We perform the following services with every wireless router / internet setup

  • We will setup and configure a wireless router to an existing broadband service (AT&T, Comcast, Charter etc. )
  • We will secure your wireless router to safeguard your personal information and from use by your neighbor and others
  • We will setup appropriate encryption for your everyday use
  • We will setup your voice over IP (VoIP) if necessary
  • We will setup your home network to use existing devices like other computers, gaming console, network enable tv
  • We will setup a network printer if necessary so that it can be used from other computers in the house or even from your office
  • We will install network adapter / driver if necessary
  • We will setup up to 4 computers / devices to your router
  • One month warranty on any wireless networking setup / repair



]Lost few keys on your laptop? Some keys do not work? One key stroke gives you multiple letters? Spilled coffee or coke or any liquid on your keyboard? Your kids went through your keyboard like there is no tomorrow? Have dust, bread crams or pet hair under keys? Part of the keyboard does not work ? Simply just want a new keyboard? THEN you need a new keyboard.

If you have spilled liquid on your keyboard, let us do a diagnosis on your laptop. Spilled liquid can causes motherboard problem which is extremely expensive to fix. Timely action can save your motherboard, your money and your time. Keyboard is used most out of all the laptop components. Not all keyboards are same. we can install high quality keyboard for your peace of mind.

We perform the following services with each laptop keyboard replacement


  • Installation and configuration of a brand new high quality keyboard
  • Clean and vacuum space under the keyboard
  • Test your newly installed keyboard
  • One month warranty on any laptop / notebook / netbook keyboard replacement / repair


We can install 95% of all keyboards from different brand for the above price. Some manufacturer like Sony keyboard cost more money. Give us a call for your next keyboard




Your laptop does not power up? Power goes on and off on your laptop? No charge light upfront? Sometimes it works if you wiggle the power cord? Does not charge your battery? The connection is loose where your plug the ac adapter or power cord? THEN you have a broken or loose power pin / DC jack / power jack.

The longer you wait, the worse your power pin will get. If you keep using your laptop / notebook / netbook in that condition, it will damage your motherboard which will be extremely expensive to fix. Why buy a new laptop when you can fix your existing one cheap. The timely action will save your motherboard, your money and your time.

We will perform the following services with every DC jack / power pin replacement

  • We will install a brand new power pin / DC jack / power jack in your laptop
  • We will test your motherboard to make sure it gets appropriate voltage
  • We will test your power supply to make sure it did not get damaged too
  • One month warranty on dc jack / power pin / power jack replacement / repair on laptop




Got crack on your laptop screen ? no video ? partial video ? black screen ? screen fuzzy ? line on the LCD screen ? completely broken LCD ? took your frustration on the LCD ? THEN you need a new screen

Sometimes it could be a bad inverter or bad LCD cable which is less than $100 to fix. Why buy a new laptop when you can fix your broken LCD screen. LCD repair will save you time and money.

We will provide the following services with every LCD replacement

  • We will install a best resolution new LCD screen for your laptop
  • We will test your lcd inverter
  • We will test your lcd cable
  • We will test your newly installed LCD Screen.
  • We will adjust your Font and desktop resolution to your liking
  • One month warranty on any lcd / screen replacement / repair on laptop / notebook / netbook

Some laptop / notebook model requires special LCD. Some bigger size laptop require bigger LCD which is more expensive than the standard size (14 “, 14.1”, 15.4 “, 15.6”). We carry most of the standard size LCD in stock. Give us a call for your next LCD replacement.




SERVICE CALL at home/office——Hourly——–$129/ hour


If your problem does not fall under our standard services , we can come to your home / office for a rate of $95 / hour. We can solve any strange problem small or large.

  • One month warranty on service call for the same problem.